Kids and Civility

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Here in the US, we’re in an election year. Sadly, as is more and more the case, this election brings with it polarization, negativity, and flat-out bad behavior. Our children are witnessing all of this. What are we, as grown-ups, … Continued

Video Series on YouTube

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At Snappy Kids, we’re always looking for ways to help kids and families and those who work hard to help kids and families.  Our latest offering is a video series on YouTube called Parenting in a Snap. In my practice, parents … Continued

The Magic of Playing Outside

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When I was a little girl, summer meant several things: no school, homemade ice cream, softball, and playing outside. My friends and I would head out in the morning, come back for lunch, and come in when we HAD to–usually … Continued

Kids and anxiety

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When John and I went to the annual Association for Play Therapy conference back in October, we polled attendees about what kinds of conditions are presenting in their practices and work settings with children.  Overwhelmingly, the answer was anxiety.  I … Continued

Wendall is coming!!

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Those of you who subscribe to our newsletter (and, of course, we hope you do) have already heard about our newest character, Wendall. For those of you who haven’t heard, Wendall is a mouse who struggles with worries. He has … Continued