Snap is a firecracker who teaches kids how to manage their frustration and mad feelings. Snap demonstrates that he already has everything he needs to keep from exploding.

Winifred is a mouse who helps kids learn how to manage their worries. She learns how to talk back to her worries, and also that her worry is often wasted energy.

Wendall is a mouse who happens to be Winifred’s sister. He also helps kids learn to manage their worries. Wendall learns what worry is and what he can do to lessen his worry.

Zippy is a squirrel who has trouble slowing down. He learns how to talk to his brain to keep from being impulsive. Zippy also helps kids learn ways to relax, slow down, and focus.

Shellie is a turtle who learns how to manage feeling shy or nervous around others or in new situations.

Slumpy is a couch who learns how to manage her sad feelings. She learns how to think differently about things and how to take care of herself.