“Snap’s Stories About Feelings”


Snap’s Stories about Feelings is a mobile app of therapeutic stories and activities intended to help kids learn about and manage their own feelings. Anger, worry, fear, and sadness are among the feelings addressed in the stories and activities.

The app comes with two stories: What’s Your Lava Level?, about managing frustration and anger, and Worried Wendall, about worry or anxiety. A third story, “Don’t Explode, Snap!”, also addresses anger and is available as an in-app purchase. Slumpy is Sad will be released soon.

Kids can select a story to listen to, see it illustrated, and then practice what they have learned by completing the activity book.The “light bulb” icon offers prompts to complete the activities, but kids and their helpers can choose to complete the activities on their own as well.  No reading is required, although kids may enjoy reading along with the story. No clinical training is necessary to use the app.

Kids may use the app by themselves or with a parent or other caregiver. Counselors or therapists who work with children will find the app a welcome addition to their practices, as will teachers.

Snap’s Stories about Feelings was originally called What’s Your Lava Level when first released, but we renamed it when we expanded it to support multiple stories.

static.squarespace.comComing Soon…

  • Winifred and her Worries
  • Slumpy is Sad
  • Zippy Slows Down
  • Shellie Decides to be Brave

And other activities…

  • Worry Busters
  • Don’t Water Your Worries
  • Less Sponge, More Duck
  • Big Deal, No Big Deal
  • Breathing Coach

Snappy Kids also has plans to develop apps related to the issues kids face daily, such as: bullying, grief and loss, illness, divorce and other family changes, and peer relationships.