Vanessa is a licensed clinical social worker and has been working with children and adults for over twenty years.  In her private practice, she works with children as young as age three, doing play therapy and cognitive therapy and treating a variety of issues.  Over the years, Vanessa noticed that certain stories and metaphors were particularly helpful to children, and that children tended to remember the skills and ideas being taught if they were presented in an interactive way.  Snappy Kids LLC was founded in order to share the most successful stories and metaphors with a larger audience of children, parents, and clinicians who might find them helpful.

John is an electrical and computer engineer as well as a new media artist.  As an artist, he has explored the use of technology to convey and evoke emotional expression.  Through his work as an engineering instructor, he has also seen the power of technology at work in the learning environment, and was eager to co-found Snappy Kids LLC to better serve children in addressing their emotional needs.

Both John and Vanessa are professional musicians, amateur cyclists, and dog lovers. Best of all, they are proud parents to two teenage boys.