I just bought this awesome app, so now what?

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So you just bought the app! Yay for you for so many reasons:

  1. You’re trying to help a kiddo with his or her emotions
  2. You’re using technology to do it
  3. It’s gonna be fun!

So, I thought I would talk a little about how the app functions, just in case you might need help (I’m talking to the grown-ups here). The kids in my practice and my own kids are very savvy with tablets and smart phones; sometimes I need a little guidance!

The app always starts with the Main Menu:

Main Menu
Main Menu


Part I: The Story

We designed the app so that you have to listen to the story all the way through the first use before you can access the activity book.

Snap the firecracker points to the “story” button so that you know where to start.

On each page of the story, page-turn arrows will appear once the voice and text have completed for that page. You can use those to turn the page forward or go back if you missed something.

Once you reach the end of the story, a “the end” button will appear. At that point, you can use the page-turn arrows shown above to return to any page you’d like to review, or you can tap the “bye” button to take you back to the main menu.

Part II: The Activity Book

The Draw Pad

Returning to the main menu, one of the buttons is the “activity book” button.

Once you tap that button, it will take you to a drawpad. On that screen are several tools that can be used to paint pictures in response to prompts or in a free-style fashion.

If you tap on the light bulb in the upper right corner, the screen will display a prompt, accompanied by voice, that reinforces ideas in the story (e.g., paint a high lava level on the volcano).

As in the story section, Different pages in the activity book are accessed by the page-turn arrows. You can page back and forth as desired. The final pages in the activity book are free paint pages.

Movie Mode

Once you have painted a picture, you can press the playback button to see your work played back for you.

In playback mode, a speed slider let you adjust the speed of the playback.

The “notebook” button takes you back to the activity book.

As always, the “bye” button returns you to the main menu.

The “Settings” Button


On the main menu, there is a “settings” button. This button allows you to choose whether to save paintings or not. This feature is particularly important for CLINICIANS who might be using the app with multiple clients. By choosing not to save paintings, you are ensuring clients’ privacy, especially on busy days when you might have one client after another.

Questions, Concerns?

If you ever have questions, concerns, or especially feedback, we are more than open to it. Although John and I have been doing what we do for years, this is our first time to share what we know in this format, so we welcome your comments. Thanks for trusting us to help the kids in your life.

Vanessa and John

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