Wendall is coming!!

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Those of you who subscribe to our newsletter (and, of course, we hope you do) have already heard about our newest character, Wendall. For those of you who haven’t heard, Wendall is a mouse who struggles with worries. He has a sister, Winifred, who also struggles with worries. Wendall and Winifred learn to handle their worries in different ways. When we launched our first app at the Association for Play Therapy conference in October 2014, we heard from many play therapists that treating anxiety was a big part of their work. We also heard the hope that anxiety wouldn’t be presented as a stereotypical “girl’s” issue. Out of these discussions emerged Wendall (Winifred was already planned).

We’ve been working hard to develop Wendall’s story along with making some changes to the way our apps will eventually be packaged and to be responsive to your feedback. By the way, WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! Our hope has always been to make our apps a part of the therapist’s toolbox as well as being accessible to other caregivers. We’re still learning about app development as well as the business aspect of all of it.

So, Wendall is on his way, and his friends are soon to follow. If you have ideas about issues you’d like to see addressed, please let us know.

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