What I Learned in the Play Therapy Room Today

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If you’re a therapist reading this, you know that we learn from our clients all the time.  I had such a neat experience with one of my kiddos in the play therapy room this past week that I wanted to share it here.

I was using our new “What’s Your Lava Level” app with my client, a 10 year-old girl, “W, who has used the app in the past.  W listened to the story again and then moved quickly to the activity book.  She decided to make her own volcano, and added a blue layer to the outline, stating that her lava level was higher than normal because she was tired.  W continued to color in the layers of the volcano-green, blue, yellow, red.  Then she told me that she had an idea.  Here’s how it went:


W's drawing
A recreation of W’s drawing. Hers was better.

W:  “You pretend that you’re at the red level, and then I’ll tell you what to do.  Ready?”

Me:  “OK.  Grrr… I’m really mad right now.”

W:  “You need to take a deep breath.”

Me:  (Deep Breath).  “OK, I feel a little better.”  (While I did this, she used the eraser on the activity book to erase the red level on the volcano).

W:  “OK, that’s better, but you need to take another breath.”

Me:  (Deep Breath).  “Well, I’m starting to feel calmer…”  (Again, W erased another layer, the yellow one).




This continued, with me breathing and W erasing levels, until she had coached me to take four deep breaths in order to return to a normal lava level.  I love it when this happens-when a client internalizes the process so much that she’s able to coach me!  I loved the novel use of the activity book.  This is exactly how I’d hope the app could be used.  I’m wondering if I’ve got a budding therapist on my hands! `




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