Snap's Stories about Feelings (Android app)

Snap's Stories about Feelings (Android app)

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Snap’s Stories about Feelings is a mobile app with therapeutic stories and activities intended to help kids learn about and manage their feelings of anger, and worry. The app includes 2 stories with accompanying activities:

What's Your Lava Level? is a story and set of activities where kids learn that frustration and mad feelings can be like lava in a volcano. They learn that they can keep their lava feelings from erupting. We offer a felt volcano toy to help serve as a reminder for kids who use the app.

Worried Wendall tells the story of Wendall, who learns about worry and how to manage it. Through the story and activity, kids learn some techniques to identify and manage their own worry. We offer a felt Wendell to help serve as a reminder for kids who use the app.

A third story and set of activities, Don't Explode, Snap! is available within the app as a $0.99 purchase. In this story, Snap the firecracker learns that he has everything he needs in order to keep from exploding. As with the other stories, we also offer a felt Snap.

Kids listen to the stories, see them illustrated, and then practice what they have learned by completing the activity books included in the app. No reading is required, although kids may enjoy reading along with the story.

No clinical training is necessary to use the app. Kids may use the app by themselves or with a parent or other caregiver. Counselors or therapists who work with children will find the app a welcome addition to their practices, as will teachers.

Snap's Stories About Feelings is the only story in our family of Android apps.