For Clinicians

Working with children in therapy presents some unique challenges.  

For one, children often lack the language necessary to fully describe how they are feeling.   Children are often more kinetic, visual, or tactile in their communication than are adult clients who may feel more comfortable telling their story from the couch.  As a play therapist, I am a firm believer in the magic and effectiveness of expressive therapies.  In my own practice, I have found that stories, metaphor, play, and other interactive and creative activities are far more effective in treating a variety of problems than traditional talk therapy.

Snappy Kids products are designed to assist clinicians and parents in addressing problematic feelings and behaviors and in promoting sound behavioral health and well-being.

Each of the Snappy Kids family of characters represents a feeling or behavior that could be causing concern for the children or families with whom you work.  Stories, games, and activities are intended to teach skills, including cognitive flexibility and relaxation, that can be reviewed multiple times across multiple settings.

Snappy  Kids products are reasonably priced for clinicians and most families. School discounts may be available through Apple. Clinicians may choose to purchase the products for use with clients in the therapeutic setting and then may choose to recommend the products to parents so that children can practice skills in between therapy sessions.  Products are self-explanatory and easy to use, and clinical and technical assistance is always available via the website.