For Parents

At any given stage of development, your child may struggle with feelings or behaviors that may cause him/her distress.  Often, one child’s struggle impacts the rest of the family as well.

Your child may struggle with anger, impulsiveness, worry, social anxiety or sadness.  As parents, we want our children to feel good and to have good coping skills to face the challenges life presents.

Snappy Kids products are designed to help you as a parent in helping your child address feelings or behaviors that are causing difficulties. In my own work with children, I have noticed that children do well when skills are presented in an interactive way.  I believe in the power of play, stories, and metaphor to heal and foster growth.

Snappy Kids products are are designed  with parents in mind so that tools learned in a therapeutic setting, such as school or private counseling, may be reinforced and repeated in the home setting.  However, our products may be used without the assistance of a counselor, as they are  self-explanatory and easy to use. Technical and clinical support is always available.

Children can definitely learn to help themselves through difficult phases in their lives, and we're here to support the process.